Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pics Of Bottomless Women Is It Normal To Take Nude Pics Of Yourself In Somewhat Public Places?

Is it normal to take nude pics of yourself in somewhat public places? - pics of bottomless women

) With a very good camera (tripod and Remote have taken naked or half naked (especially without a background) picture of me in both the general public. For example, one evening I went into the big construction project (25 apartments under construction) located in front of my own home. Once in the site I take my camera and took some photos of naked the great art from me in many plants, including construction equipment, including construction of a hat, etc., etc. .. The pictures turned out great.

Another night, I have photos in an abandoned car on the railroad.

These parameters are of great works of art of the nude ...

But it is normal that I do for myself. Or should I place a photographer?

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